Review of action camera 4K

This is great value for such a fantastic camera. It includes everything you need to get going, just add your own micro SD card. Firstly, I was blown away how good the quality of the video was. The camera features a Sony sensor as is able to shoot 4K video 24 fps, 2K at 30 fps, and HD 1080p at 60 fps. It records in the popular universal MP4 file format, I would recommend using quick time to play your files because some old players may not be able to. I was very impressed with the still photos as well, you can also change the megapixel resolution of these in the settings. The camera also features 3 photos a second burst mode, a time lapse mode and continuous shooting mode. The cyclic record mode makes it ideal for use as a dash cam in the car.

This is a sports action camera so it has a brilliant wide angled 170/140/110/70 degree lens included to make sure you get all the video and shots into your film and its anti shake feature makes sure your video is smooth no matter what the sport or terrain. It has a standard tripod screw in the bottom so you don’t need to buy any special mount for it, it will work with standard tripods. The camera includes many fittings and accessories, which will help you, achieve your optimum action shot.
Recording is simple. The camera can be operated from its buttons or it comes with a remote control, which will activate the shutter at a press of the button. This uses a button cell battery. This is paired to the camera and is included in the price. You can also download a free app called ZSANYCAM for your phone, which will allow you to control your camera through a wifi connection. This is compatible with iOS iPhones on the app store and Android phones through the play store This gives you the opportunity to use your phone screen as a remote viewfinder and set personalised settings directly from the convenience of your phone. This is a great feature if you have your camera mounted on your head or bike and you do not want to keep removing it to access the settings. The range is 15 metres so you can operate this from a good distance. The built in 2 inch viewfinder on the camera is clear and bright and can be seen outside in daylight. The built in mic provides clear sound so suitable to video bloggers.

The camera is well build. It very easy to use and although it came with instructions. It comes with a rage of accessories including a waterproof casing, which will allow you to use your camera in the water up to 100 feet / 30 metres. The camera slips inside and the case snaps shut and is very easy to remove. You also get 2 long lasting batteries. The battery lasted about 4 hours with on and off recording using wifi but will depend how you use it and what resolution you are recording in. You get 2 batteries included and a lovely soft zip case to store your camera and all the included accessories in (see photo of all the accessories) The accessories included are: The base, connector, 2 connecting brackets, remote control, jacket, clip, bicycle stent, batteries x 2, steel rope, ties, binds, helmet base, tape cover, adhesives backs and a wiping cloth.

The camera also sports video out through HDMI TV mode and is compatible with NTSC and PAL regions.

This camera is a fraction of the cost of a go pro or similar branded action camera yet has the same good quality video results and features. With it easy to use features and accessories. This can be used for all sports, running, walking, swimming, riding, biking, soccer or anything where you watch to capture the moment. I highly recommend it.

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